Dubai Car Auction: How it works

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Emirates Auction primarily deals with cars that have been confiscated by the Dubai government and police. There are two distinct categories of cars available at Emirates Auction, which I refer to as “inside” and “outside.”

Inside cars are located within a shop, well-lit and well-presented. They appear clean and are put up for auction by their owners. These cars tend to be rather expensive.

On the other hand, outside cars are positioned outdoors on the ground. They are covered in dust and many of them have been involved in accidents. These cars are the ones that have been seized and are generally more affordable. You can only view pictures of these cars before placing a bid and are not allowed to physically inspect them at the Emirates Auction location.

To participate, you must create an account with Emirates Auction and provide them with a security cheque. Once registered, you can search for cars and place bids on the ones you’re interested in. Most cars have a bidding period of 5-6 days, but the real competition usually unfolds in the last 15 minutes. There’s no need to bid earlier; if you bid in the final 20-30 seconds, the timer resets to 5 minutes. The highest bidder when the timer runs out wins the car, with additional charges like delivery, VAT, and handling fees applying. After winning a bid, you’ll receive a number and an invoice. Payment must be made within 2-3 days via a currency exchange service like Al Ansari. Once payment is settled, the car is delivered to your chosen location by a truck. The delivery process involves verifying your Emirates ID and obtaining your signature.

Since many of the cars are seized, they might contain various items. For instance, My Friend purchased a Nissan Murano from Emirates Auction and found crockery and new Skechers sneakers in the trunk. There were also documents belonging to the previous owner in the glove compartment. Some cars lack keys and have locked doors.

Occasionally, unexpected items are discovered as well. My friend once found an old Huawei phone in a car delivered by the truck. His uncle even stumbled upon 1000 AED cash in a glove compartment.

Cash and mobiles and other surprising stuff inside abandoned vehicles!

Before participating in an auction, a few things should be noted. Ensure you have the necessary funds available. Failing to pay the winning bid or causing delays will result in fines, your security cheque being cashed, and the vehicle being re-auctioned.

Examine the car’s description before bidding. It will indicate when the car’s documents will be provided. Document delivery times can vary, ranging from 1-2 weeks to over 30 days. It’s crucial to have these documents to register the car under your name and legally operate it.

Emirates Auction was especially appealing during the COVID-19 pandemic, as bid competitions were less intense, enabling buyers to acquire high-quality cars at reasonable prices. However, the current situation has led to overly aggressive bidding, occasionally driving auction prices above the market value.

So I hope you got clear on Dubai auction cars how it works and the ins and outs of the deals. Happy Driving!


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